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Question 1:

A path of width 1.5 m is to be built around a rectangular park of length 12 m and breadth 9 m. Find the area of the rectangular path.

Question 2:

What must be added to each term of ratio 7 : 11. So as to make it equal to $3: 4$ ?

Question 3:

When price of sugar reduces by $20 \%$, a trader saves Rs. 160 in buying of $1 \mathrm{~kg}$ sugar. Find reduced price of sugar?

Question 4:

Read carefully the following Data and answer the following question -

Number of pen sold by four stores $A, B, C$ and D on 5 different days of week from Monday to Friday is given in table.

What is the ratio between the total Number of pen sold by store B, C and D together on Monday and that sold by the same store on Thursday.

निम्नलिखित डेटा को ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़ें और नीचे दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर दें। सारणी में चार स्टोर अर्थात $\mathrm{A}, \mathrm{B}, \mathrm{C}, \mathrm{D}$ सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक सप्ताह के 5 अलग दिनों में पेनों की विक्री दी गई है-

Question 5:

In an alloy there is $24 \%$ of copper. To get 69 $\mathrm{kg}$ of copper. How much alloy will be required.

Question 6:

Which of the following numbers is divided by 3?

Question 7:

A train without stoppages travels at the rate of $50 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$ and with stoppages travels at the rate of $45 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$. How many minutes does the train stop on an average per hour?

Question 8:

The time taken by 24 children to complete a project is twice the time taken by 16 women to complete the same project. If 28 women complete the project in 8 days, how many days will 28 women and 24 children together take to complete the project?

Question 9:

The average age of a family of 5 members is 20 years. If the age of the youngest member be 10 years then what was the average age of the family at the time of the birth of the youngest member?

Question 10:

The given table shows the number (in thousands) of cars of five different models $\mathbf{A}, \mathbf{B}, \mathbf{C}, \mathbf{D}$ and $\mathbf{E}$ produced during the Years 2012-2017. Study the table and answer the question that follows.

The percentage decrease in the production of which type of car in 2017, with reference to 2016, was the maximum?

दी गई तालिका वर्ष 2012-2017 के दौरान विभिन्न मॉडल $\mathbf{A}, \mathbf{B}, \mathbf{C}, \mathbf{D}$ तथा $\mathbf{E}$ की उत्पादित कारों की कुल संख्या ( हजारों में ) को दर्शाती है। तालिका का अध्ययन करें और दिए गए प्रश्न का उत्तर दें।