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Question 1:

If a side of a square is increased by $25 \%$ find the $\%$ change in its area?

Question 2:

Ruchika's expenditure and savings are in the ratio $5: 3$. If her income increase by $12 \%$ and expenditure by $15 \%$ then by how much percent does his saving increase?

Question 3:

Two numbers are in the ratio 5 : 7. If 30 is added to 10% of the smaller number then the number obtained is 15 less than 25% of the larger number then the smaller number is:

Question 4:

If 20% of a number is added to 84 gives the result as the number itself, then the number is:

Question 5:

Babita salary was decreased by $40 \%$ and subsequently increased by $40 \%$. How much percent does change in her salary?

Question 6:

The difference between the two positive numbers is 1020. If 7.6% of the greater number is 12.4% of the smaller number, then the sum of two numbers is equal to:

Question 7:

If the population of city A increases by $20 \%$ and then decreases by $24 \%$, it becomes equal to $16 \frac{1}{6} \%$ of city B's population. Find the population of city A initially, if B's population is 27,360 ?

Question 8:

Find a quarter of $40 \%$ of the square of $40 .$

Question 9:

If the length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by $8 \%$ and $12 \%$ respectively, then by what percent will the area of that rectangle increase?

Question 10:

If 35% of a number is 700, then what will be 50% of the same number?