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Question 1:

Which of the following is the best conductor of heat?

Question 2:

Fleming's right hand rule is used to find the direction of which of the following?

Question 3:

An intrinsic semiconductor at absolute zero temperature is a -

Question 4:

Find the energy in kWh consumed in 10 hours by four devices of power 500 W each. 

Question 5:

A constant force acting on a body of mass 3.0 kg changes its speed from 2.0 ms-1 to 3.5 ms-1 in 25 s. The direction of the motion of the body remains unchanged. What is the magnitude of the force?

Question 6:

Which of the following device is used to measure distance in motor vehicles? 

Question 7:

The focal length of a convex mirror is _______.?

Question 8:

What is the SI unit of force?

Question 9:

What is the scientific term for the speed of an object moving in a definite direction?

Question 10:

How does the color of the sky appear to an astronaut?