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Question 1:

Cost price of 10 pencils is equal to selling price of 12 pencils. What is the profit/loss $\%$ ?

Question 2:

A manufacturer sells an article to a wholesale dealer at a profit of $10 \%$. The wholesaler sells it to a shopkeeper at $20 \%$ profit. The shopkeeper sells it to a customer for Rs. 77,979 at a loss of $15 \%$. Then the cost price of the article (in rupees) for the wholesaler is:

Question 3:

Atul purchased an article and then sold it. If the ratio of the cost price and selling price is $12: 11$, then the loss percentage is:

Question 4:

The marked price of a Chair is Rs. 2125 . After $16 \%$ discount on the marked price, the selling price of the Chair (in rupees) is:

Question 5:

The marked price of a Radio is Rs. 3675 . After $12 \%$ discount on the marked price, the selling price of the Radio (in rupees) is

Question 6:

An article is sold at $10 \%$ profit. The ratio of selling price and cost price will be:

Question 7:

Cost Price of 21 articles is equal to selling price of 18 articles. Find the profit/loss %.

Question 8:

A fruit seller buys oranges at the rate of 9 for 7 rupees and sells them at the rate of 7 for 9 rupees. Find the profit/loss %. (to the nearest Integer value)

Question 9:

In a general store, an item with MRP of Rs. 35,600 is on the discount counter with a special price of Rs. 34,888. What is the percentage of discount given for that item?

Question 10:

Any person  Bought 10 articles for Rs. 8 and sold them for Rs.1.25 per item. His percentage profit is-