75/25 Initiative and Empowered Portal

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Union Health MinistryThe Union Health Ministry announced the "75/25" initiative to provide standard care to 75 million people with hypertension and diabetes by 2025 through Primary Health Centers (PHCs).

An Overview of the News

75/25 Initiative:

  • 40,000 primary health care medical officers will be trained on standard treatment workflow for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through the SASHAKT portal.

  • India has the largest coverage of NCDs globally, aiming to reach 75 million people with hypertension under standard care in primary healthcare by 2025.

  • The initiative was launched during the G20 co-branded event "Accelerating Prevention and Management of Hypertension and Diabetes".

  • The scheme aims at the largest coverage of NCDs in primary healthcare across the world with a community-based approach.


  • The National Health Systems and Resources Center (NHSRC) has developed a web portal named SASHAKT (Systematic Assessment of Health care providers Knowledge and Training).

  • The portal supports states in implementing and monitoring training for health workers.

The specific objectives of training monitoring software are as follows:

  • Planning: To assist states in planning training for health workers.

  • Quality Monitoring: Monitoring the quality of the training being conducted.

  • Real-time Status: To determine the real-time status of training of health workers.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Facilitates timely documentation and reporting on the status of training.

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