New Zealand Implements Ban on Disposable E-Cigarettes and Vapes

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Following the recent repeal of legislation aimed at phasing out tobacco smoking, the New Zealand government has implemented a ban on disposable e-cigarettes and vapes.

An Overview of the News

Government action:

  • To prevent sales to minors, fines for retailers selling to those under 18 will increase.

  • Retailers may face fines of up to NZ$100,000, while individuals can be fined NZ$1,000 for the same offence.

Youth Safety Measures:

  • The rules also restrict the sale of e-cigarettes with packaging or branding that appeals to youth, with the aim of preventing youth from being attracted to vaping.

Reasoning behind the ban:

  • Associate Health Minister Casey Costello says e-cigarettes are recognized as a smoking cessation tool, but the ban is intended to discourage minors from taking up the vaping habit.

Global trend against disposable vapes:

  • United Kingdom's ban: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a ban on disposable vapes in 2022, citing concerns about long-term effects and youth addiction.

  • Australia's ban: Joining the global movement to address the popularity and potential health risks of vaping among youth, Australia also implemented a ban on disposable single-use vapes this year.

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