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By admin: Sept. 6, 2022

1. Liz Truss appointed as the 56th Prime Minister of Britain by Queen Elizabeth

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96 year old United Kingdom Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Elizabeth Truss, popularly known as Liz Truss, as the 56th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 6th September 2022. 


  • She will now occupy 10 Downing Street in London which is the official residence of the Prime Minister. 
  • She replaced the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had to resign over a party scandal. She was officially elected the leader of the Conservative party on 5th September defeating her rival Rishi Sunak.
  • Truss is the fourth Conservative party’s Prime Minister in six years. She faces a difficult time as the country faces a prospect of recession, double digit inflation and soaring energy cost.


  • Robert Walpole is considered to be the first Prime Minister of Britain (1721-1742) and also the first Prime Minister in the world.