Agriculture Minister Inaugurates Integrated Biological Control Laboratory in Hyderabad

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Agriculture-MinisterUnion Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar officially inaugurated the Integrated Biological Control Laboratory located in Hyderabad on 15 May.

An overview of the news

  • This laboratory is an important milestone in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Emphasis on biological control

  • The primary focus of the laboratory is on the use of biological control methods.

  • These methods involve the use of natural agents such as beneficial insects, predators and parasites for the management of pests and diseases in agricultural crops.

  • By reducing reliance on chemical pesticides, this approach supports ecosystem balance and sustainable agriculture.

Advances in Pest Management

  • The establishment of the Integrated Biological Control Laboratory represents a remarkable progress in the field of pest management.

  • This highlights the government's commitment to adopt integrated pest management strategies that prioritize environment-friendly solutions.

Research and development

  • The laboratory serves as the center for research and development activities related to biological control.

Key work of the laboratory

  • Development and large scale production of biocontrol agents.

  • These agents are natural enemies of insects, such as parasitoids, predators, and entomopathogenic microorganisms.

  • The laboratory will ensure the quality and effectiveness of these agents, which are released into agricultural fields to manage pest populations.

  • The laboratory will carry out intensive testing and standardization of biocontrol agents.

  • This will ensure their efficacy, safety and compatibility with various farming systems.

  • The goal is to provide reliable and efficient organic control solutions to farmers.

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