Biggest air exercise 'Tarang Shakti'

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Biggest-air-exercise-'Tarang-Shakti'The Indian Air Force is making preparations to organize a large-scale multilateral exercise later this year, aimed at enhancing military cooperation with 12 nations.

An overview of the news

  • The exercise, named Tarang Shakti, is set to be the largest air exercise ever conducted in India, showcasing the country's commitment to strengthening international military partnerships.

  • Among others, air forces of France, Australia, the US and the UK are likely to participate in the exercise .

  • The participating countries will contribute their military combat jets, as well as transport aircraft and other assets, showcasing their collective capabilities and fostering interoperability.

  • Tarang Shakti will provide a platform for air forces from different nations to engage in joint training, exchange knowledge, and improve coordination in various operational scenarios.

  • The exercise aims to enhance the mutual understanding and compatibility between the participating air forces, promoting regional stability and security.

  • By hosting this mega-multilateral exercise, India seeks to demonstrate its commitment to regional cooperation and its capability to conduct large-scale joint military operations.

  • The exercise will provide valuable insights into the operational capabilities of different air forces, facilitating the exchange of best practices and fostering stronger military ties.

  • Earlier in 2023, IAF took part in Exercise Orion in France and INIOCHOS in Greece.

  • In April, the IAF and the USAF had taken part in a joint exercise in Cope India-2023 across Kalaikunda, Panagarh and Agra bases.

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