Central Water Commission Chairman launches "Floodwatch" mobile app for real-time flood forecasts

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Central-Water-Commission-Chairman-launches-Floodwatch-mobile-app-for-real-time-flood-forecastsCentral Water Commission (CWC) Chairman Kushwinder Vohra launched the "Floodwatch" mobile application.

An Overview of the News

  • The objective of the "Floodwatch" mobile app is to disseminate real-time flood information and forecasts up to 7 days to the public through mobile phones.

  • User-friendly app developed in-house with readable and audio transmission available in English and Hindi.

Key Features of "Floodwatch" App:

  • Users can check the current flood conditions across the country in real-time.

  • The app collects river flow data in real-time from various sources.

  • Provides flood forecast (24 hours) or flood advisory (7 days) of Central Water Commission.

  • Users can directly select stations on the map or search by station name.

  • The map zooms in on the station location when selected from the dropdown menu.

  • Users can access flood forecasts or advisories (24 hours or 7 days).

  • Select Options: Specific Station, State, or Basin from the dropdown menu.

  • The app is accessible on Android devices through the Google Play Store; the iOS version coming soon.

Advanced Technologies Employed:

  • "Floodwatch" uses satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling, and real-time monitoring.

  • Its objective is to provide accurate and timely flood forecasts.

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