CMPDIL Invents New Dust Control Technology

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In order to minimize and control the fugitive dust in mining areas, Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL), Ranchi has invented a “System and Method for Controlling Generation and Movement of Fugitive Dust ''.

An overview of the news

  • CMPDIL, Ranchi is a consultancy subsidiary of Coal India Limited.

  • It has obtained a patent for the invention in December, 2022 (Patent No. 416055).

  • This system can be used in mines, thermal power plants, railway sidings, ports, construction sites where coal or other mineral/fugitive material is stored under open sky.

About invention

  • The invention relates to the synchronized application of windbreak (WB) and vertical greenery system (VGS) for reducing generation and dispersion of fugitive dust. 

  • WB and VGS are positioned in the upwind and downwind directions with respect to the blown dust source, respectively.

  • WB reduces the speed of the oncoming wind towards the source and hence, reduces the intensity of the ambient air to pick up dust while it blows over the source.

  • The VGS acts as a filter and reduces the amount of residual dust moving towards the receptors in the downward direction along with the air.

  • Therefore, there is a significant reduction in the dust concentration in the ambient air at various receptors located in the down-wind direction.

What is Fugitive Dust?

  • Fugitive dust is a form of particulate matter that contributes to air pollution.

  • It refers to the dust particles which like to run in the air without a directed place.

  • It is produced from various sources that come in contact with the air.

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