Dalai Lama Receives Ramon Magsaysay Award

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Dalai Lama Receives Ramon Magsaysay Award

Dalai Lama personally received the 1959 Ramon Magsaysay Award from members of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation at his residence.

An Overview of the News

  • President of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, Susanna B. Affan, along with Foundation Trustee Emily A. Abrera, presented the award to the Dalai Lama.

  • The award was given in August 1959 by the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation in the Philippines.

  • The Dalai Lama's elder brother Gyalo Thonden accepted the Magsaysay Award on his behalf in August 1959 in Manila, Philippines.

  • Since his exile from Tibet in 1959, the Dalai Lama has been living in India.

Dalai Lama:

  • He is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and is considered one of the most important figures in Tibetan Buddhism.

  • The title "Dalai Lama" is a combination of the Mongolian word "Dalai," meaning ocean, and the Tibetan word "lama," meaning master, teacher, or mentor.

  • The Dalai Lama is believed to be an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

  • The current 14th Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso, who was born in Tibet in 1935.

  • He was recognized as the Dalai Lama at the age of two and was enthroned in 1950.

  • In 1959, he had been living in exile in India since a failed rebellion against Chinese rule.

About Ramon Magsaysay Award

  • It is an annual award that recognizes individuals and organisations in Asia for exceptional courage, integrity and service to their communities.

  • The award was established in 1957 and is named after the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay.

  • The award is given in six categories: government service, public service, community leadership, journalism, creative arts, and peace and international understanding.

  • The award has recognized individuals and organisations from various fields and is known as the "Nobel Prize of Asia".

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