Dr. Jitendra Singh unveils the unique 'NAMOH 108' lotus and launches Lotus Mission along with innovative initiatives

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NAMOH-108Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh launched a new 'Lotus flower variety named 'Namoh 108' developed by CSIR-NBRI in Lucknow. This lotus has an extraordinary 108 petals and holds religious and symbolic significance.

An Overview of the News

  • The unveiling of 'NAMOH 108' is seen as a special gift to commemorate Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dedicated ten years in office.

  • The Lotus Mission was also launched on the occasion and this project, like other priority schemes, aims to achieve specific goals. For example, the National Honey and Bee Mission, the National Bamboo Mission, and many other missions were mentioned.

  • The unique 'Namoh 108' lotus variety blooms from March to December, rich in nutrients. In particular, its whole genome sequencing has been completed to better understand its characteristics.

  • Under the Lotus research program, NBRI in collaboration with FFDC, Kannauj introduced a garment made of lotus fiber and a perfume named 'Frotas' extracted from lotus flowers.

  • Dr. Jitendra Singh inaugurated the CSIR-NBRI Digital Herbarium, a repository of botanical specimens of India, and released books on roses, plant resources of Uttar Pradesh, and an e-flora guide.

  • Collaborative research on cotton was initiated through an MoU between CSIR-NBRI and M/s Nucleome Informatics, Hyderabad.

  • The event showcased state-of-the-art research, technologies, and products developed by NBRI through a six-day theme-based exhibition. It served to highlight his achievements to various stakeholders.

  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Shashani, Director, NBRI welcomed Dr. Jitendra Singh and acknowledged the transformative impact of the 'One Week One Lab' initiative in showcasing CSIR achievements.

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