Emergency declared in Canada

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 14 February 2022, declared an emergency in the country in an effort to end protests that have shut important trade routes with the United States and paralyzed parts of the capital, Ottawa.

  • Protest started in Canada when a new rule was introduced last month that all truckers must be vaccinated to cross the US-Canada border.

  • The truckers started protesting against that and started a convoy of trucks, cars and other vehicles to block the key Ambassador Bridge.

  • It is a vital trade route between Canada and the United States. It carries  around 25% of the total merchandise trade between the two countries.

  • The protest became popular as “Freedom Convoy”. It soon drew people who were opposed to Trudeau's policies on everything from pandemic restrictions to a carbon tax. Similar protests also emerged in New Zealand, Australia, Israel and France.

  • The protest was broken up by the police on 13 February after the United States government expressed concern at the blockade which was affecting the auto industry in Detroit, US.

  • The Canadian government accused the protesters of getting foreign funding and the protest was detrimental to the economy and public safety of Canada. Under the Emergency act the Canadian police and law enforcement agencies will have power to block foreign funding of the protesters.

Important for Exam 

Ambassador Bridge 

The Ambassador Bridge is an international suspension bridge on the river  Detroit. It connects the Detroit city of Michigan, United States with the Windsor city of Ontario, Canada.

It is the largest suspension bridge in the world.


It is known as the automobile capital of the world. It is also called Motor City.

  • It is the home of the automobile giants of the United States , General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

  • It is the birthplace of the modern automobile industry. For the first time an assembly line production technique was used by Henry Ford to mass produce cars for the people. It was the famous T model.

India’s Detroit : Chennai is considered to be India’s Detroit.

Fact Files Canada

  • It is the second largest country in the world area wise after Russia.

  • It shares 8,890-km ,the longest land boundary in the world with the United States.

  • The British monarch is the head of the State of Canada.

  • Prime Minister of Canada :  Justin Trudeau

  • Capital “ Ottawa 

  • Currency : Canadian Dollar .

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