Establishment of an India Centre to promote India-centric activities in South Korea

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The India Centre has been established at Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea to promote activities related to India.

  • This centre will act as a major organisation for India related programs in Busan.

  • It will provide necessary resources for interested students in India and will emphasise on increasing academic and cultural cooperation with Busan University.

  • An MoU was also signed on the occasion to promote cooperation in the field of education and cultural exchange between Busan University and the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre in Seoul.

  • Busan University of Foreign Studies and Hanuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea are the two higher educations where Hindi is taught as a full-time subject.

  • The Department of Hindi Language was established in 1983 at Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS).

  • About South Korea

  • South Korea is a country located in East Asia that is known as the 'Land of Quiet Mornings'.

  • The nation's capital, Seoul, is the world's second largest metropolitan area and a major global city.

  • North Korea is the only country bordering this country.

  • Martial arts Taekwondo originated in Korea.

  • President- Yoon Suk-yol

  • Currency- South Korean won

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