Fifth United Nations Environment Assembly resolves to end plastic pollution

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The Fifth session of the United Nation Environment Assembly (UNEA) adopted a resolution to tackle the pollution created by plastics .The United Nation Environment Assembly resumed its second   session also called as (UNEA 5.2) at the  Kenynian capital Nairobi. It was held from 28th February 2022 to 2nd March 2022.

  •  The environment ministers from 175 of the United Nation member countries  agreed to establish an intergovernmental negotiating committee to  work out an international legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution.

  • Plastics are polymeric materials made from petroleum which do not decay naturally. They are non-biodegradable and can exist for a very long time in nature. Single use plastics which are thin cannot be recycled and it ends up in polluting rivers, oceans, mountains soil etc. 

Steps taken by Indian government to tackle plastic pollution 

  • The government of India has set a target to eliminate single use plastics by 2022. Single use plastics cannot be reused and are thrown away after use.

  • According to the Government of India,the manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of following single-use plastic, including polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, commodities shall be prohibited with effect from the 1st July, 2022.

  • The thickness of plastic carry bags has been increased from fifty microns to  one hundred and twenty microns with effect from the 31st December, 2022. This will also allow reuse of plastic carry due to increase in thickness.

United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)

  • The United Nations Environment Programme was set up in 1972 after the United Nation Conference on Human Environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972.
  • In 1988 it set up Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with World Meteorological Organisation
  • Headquarters : Nairobi, Kenya 
  •  Director: Inger Andersen 

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