Gautam Adani expects India to become the 2nd largest economy by 2050

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Gautam Adani expects India to become

India’s richest man and founder and chairman of the Adani group Gautam Adani said that India will emerge as the second largest economy in the world in 2050 behind China and will become a net exporter of green energy by 2050.

Speaking at the 21st World Congress of Accountants held at Mumbai ,he said that it took the country 58 years to get its first trillion dollars of GDP, 12 years to get to the next trillion and five years for the third trillion.

According to the International Monetary Fund the Indian economy was $ 3.18 trillion in 2021-22. IMF expects the Indian economy to be a $5 trillion economy in 2027-28.

Guatam Adani said that he  expects that “ within the next decade, India will start adding a trillion dollar to its GDP every 12 to 18 months – thereby putting us well on track to be a USD 30 trillion economy by 2050 and with a stock market capitalization that will possibly exceed USD 45 trillion,”

At present the United States of America economy is  $23 trillion with a stock market capitalisation ranging from $45 to 50 trillion.

Adani, whose ports-to-energy conglomerate is investing $70 billion over the next decade in a new energy value chain, said India can become a net green-energy exporter by 2050.

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