Global Leaders Commit US$ 2.6 Billion At World Health Summit To End Polio

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Summit To End Polio

Global leaders announced USD 2.6 billion funding for the 'Global Polio Eradication Initiative' (GPEI) 2022-2026 strategy to eradicate polio at the World Health Summit in Berlin.

World Health Summit (WHS)

  • It is an international health conference.

  • It aims to strengthen exchanges, promote innovative solutions to health challenges, establish global health as a major political issue, and promote dialogue on global health in the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What is Polio?

  • Polio is a potentially fatal viral infectious disease that affects the nervous system.

  • There are three types of polio virus-

  1. Wild Polio Virus 1 (WPV1)

  2. Wild Polio Virus 2 (WPV2)

  3. Wild Polio Virus 3 (WPV3)

  • All three types are similar depending on the symptoms and can cause paralysis and death.

  • The virus spreads from person to person mainly through the 'faecal-oral route' or through contaminated water or food.

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