Hemis Monastery Festival

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In Ladakh, two -day long annual Hemis Monastery Festival, known as Hemis Tseschu is being celebrated with great religious fervor and gaiety.

About Hemis Monastery Festival 

  • It is a significant annual event celebrated in Ladakh, India. 

  • The festival spans over two days and is observed with immense religious fervor and joyous celebrations.

  • The festival commemorates the birth anniversary of Guru Padma Sambhava, a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Grand prayers, sacred mask dances and thanks for mural paintings are performed on the occasion. 

  • It holds great cultural and spiritual significance, attracting a large number of foreign tourists to Ladakh. Visitors from around the world come to witness the mesmerizing performances, immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, and experience the rich traditions of the region.

  • With its centuries-old history, the festival has become one of the major highlights of Ladakh, captivating the attention and interest of both locals and tourists alike.

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