Hurun's Global Unicorn Index 2023

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Hurun's Global Unicorn Index 2023 released on 18th April.

India in the report

  • According to the report India continues to be the world's third-largest country with the highest number of unicorns, following the US and China.

  • Ed-tech BYJU'S worth  $22 billion topped the list of Indian Unicorns, followed by on-demand delivery start-up Swiggy and fantasy sports platform travel- stay finder Dream11 ($8 billion each).

  • BYJU'S is the only Indian Unicorn among the list of the top 10 biggest rises in valuation since pre-Covid.

  • As per reports the number of Indian unicorns established outside India is more than the number of unicorns based within India.

  • India has a total of 138 unicorns, out of which 70 were established by Indian co-founders but have their headquarters located outside India, while 68 are based in India.

Global Status

  • The United States of America topped the index with 666 unicorns, up 179 compared to 2022, followed byChina in 2nd position with 316 unicorns (up 15). 

  • In terms of unicorn investors, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, and SoftBank are the top three, having invested in 238, 179, and 168 unicorn startups, respectively.

Top 5 countries with most Unicorns

  1. USA (666)

  2. China (316)

  3. India (68)

  4. UK (49)

  5. Germany (36)

Top 5 Cities with Most Unicorns

  1. San Francisco (USA) - 181

  2. New York (USA) - 126

  3. Beijing (China) - 79

  4. Shanghai (China) - 66

  5. London (UK) - 42

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