IAF develops indigenous data link communication: 'Vayulink'

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In a major achievement, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched the indigenously built jammer-proof communication platform 'Vayulink'. This will help in maintaining contact with the base station even in bad weather.

An overview of the news: 

  • It is a highly secure communication system developed by the IAF.

  • At Aero India 2023, IAF has given information about this and also organised a gallery for detailed information about this 'Vayulink platform.

Platform 'Vayulink:

  • Vayulink' is an ad-hoc data link communication system that, when installed on an aircraft, transmits encrypted traffic data over a secure channel as well as the position of other aircraft.

  • The jammer-proof platform 'Vayulink' data link communication uses the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), also known as NAVIC.

Benefits of 'Vayulink:

  • From this platform radio communication can be sent to the base station even in weak signal conditions.

  • This system is very helpful for IAF. Because during a war situation when the aircraft are flying close to a friendly force, this system is helpful in telling the actual position of the aircraft.

  • This helps the pilots to get accurate and precise information about the weather. In particular, it also helps in providing accurate communication to aircraft flying over hills.

  • It helps prevent fratricide in case of war. Also it helps to know where our army is present.

  • By this, mutual collision of fighter planes can also be prevented. Which provides an accurate teaming system service. It also helps in setting real time targets with the help of which multiple teams can attack the target simultaneously.

  • The indigenous jammer-proof communication platform 'Vayulink' is helpful to all the three services of the country.

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