IIT Madras researchers develop pocket-friendly device to detect adulteration in milk

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Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) Researchers have developed a three-dimensional (3D) paper-based portable device that can detect adulteration in milk within 30 seconds. 

An overview of the news

  • This new technology can be used at home and only one milliliter of liquid sample is required to test for adulteration.

  • The device can detect various commonly used adulterant agents such as detergent, soap, hydrogen peroxide, urea, starch, salt, and sodium-hydrogen-carbonate.

  • The traditional methods to test the purity of milk which are expensive and time consuming, this new technology is cost effective.

  • This new technology can also be used to test other liquids such as water, fresh juices and milkshakes.

  • Only one milliliter sample of any liquid will be sufficient to test for adulteration.

About Device

  • The 3D paper-based microfluidic device has a top and bottom cover, and a middle layer with a sandwich structure.

  • It helps in transporting dense liquids at a uniform speed.

  • A reagent is applied to its paper and left to dry.

  • After drying the paper is applied to the device and both the covers are sealed with double sided tape.

  • Whatman filter paper grade 4 is used in this design, allowing for greater liquid flow and reagent storage.

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