India unveils the world's first AI-powered anti-drone system – Indrajal by Grene Robotics

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Hyderabad-based robotics company Grene Robotics developed Indrajal, an innovative autonomous anti-drone system powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

An Overview of the News

  • The Indrajal system is the first of its kind in India and is designed to protect critical facilities such as nuclear installations and oil rigs, as well as large areas, potentially entire cities, from various drone threats.

Key Features of Indrajal - Autonomous Drone Defense Dome:

  • This revolutionary system named "Indrajal" got global recognition.

  • It offers an impressive coverage range of up to 4,000 square km per unit, providing comprehensive protection against a variety of drones.

  • Indrajal uses cutting-edge technology and is a significant advancement in drone defense technology.

Importance of "Made in India" Indrajal:

  • Indrajal has been completely developed in India, showcasing the country's capabilities in technology and defense.

  • This is a result of Indian talent and resources, highlighting the country's growing strength in the region.

Modular Design with AI Integration:

  • Indrajal has a modular design similar to Lego blocks, consisting of 12 different layers of technology, all powered by artificial intelligence.

  • It provides 360-degree protection with real-time capabilities to detect, identify, classify, track, and neutralize threats.

  • Systems can respond to threats in a very short time frame, with threat lifetimes ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Unique Positioning as a Wide-Area Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS):

  • Indrajal is the world's only wide-area counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS).

  • It offers an integrated security solution that effectively addresses mobile threats, which traditional static defense systems struggle to combat.

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