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task force for framing a draft roadmap for the artificial intelligence ecosystem

The Ministry of Electronics and IT  set up a task force for framing a draft roadmap for the artificial intelligence ecosystem by the end of April.

An overview of the news:

  • The Minister of State for Electronics and IT has announced the establishment of the IndiaAI platform, which aims to support research and provide tools for startups in the field of artificial intelligence. 

  • This platform will focus on promoting Indian startups, research, and innovation, which could contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.

  • Estimates suggest that AI could potentially add USD 967 billion to the Indian economy by 2035 and USD 450-500 billion to India's GDP by 2025, which is a significant amount and could account for 10% of the country's USD 5 trillion GDP target.

About IndiaAI platform:

  • INDIAai stands for ‘The National AI Portal of India’ platform.

  • The platform was launched in 2018.

  •  It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM).

  • The primary objective of the IndiaAI platform is to create a collaborative ecosystem for AI in India by bringing together industry, academia, startups, and the government. 

  • The platform provides a forum for stakeholders to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, share best practices, and access AI resources such as datasets, algorithms, and tools.

  • IndiaAI also aims to support the development of AI-based solutions that address societal challenges such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and urban development. 

  • The platform provides access to funding, mentorship, and other resources to startups and entrepreneurs working on AI-based solutions.

  • IndiaAI has several initiatives like:

  • AI for All program: which aims to provide AI training to over 1 million citizens in India, and the AI research and innovation hub, which is a network of AI research centers and labs across the country.

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