India’s First Liquid Mirror Telescope

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The country's and the world's first Liquid Mirror Telescope has been set up in Uttarakhand. This telescope has been set up on top of a hill in Devasthal Observatory located in Nainital.

  • Through this telescope, it will be helpful to take information about supernova, gravitational lens and asteroids etc. in space.

  • The Indian Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) will help in surveying the sky. 

  • This will also make it easy to observe many galaxies and other astronomical sources.

  • In 2017, with the help of countries like Belgium, Canada, Poland, Aeries started the International Liquid Mirror Telescope Project with the help of 500 million.

  • What is a Liquid Mirror Telescope (LMT)?

  • It has been made by India with the help of astronomers from Belgium and Canada.

  • It is like a 4 metre diameter rotating mirror made of a thin film of liquid mercury, which collects and focuses the light.

  • It has been installed at Devasthal Observatory at an altitude of 2450 metres above sea level.

  • This observatory is situated in the Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Science (ARIS), an autonomous institute of the Department of Science, Government of India.

  • To prepare the telescope, scientists created a pool of mercury, which is a reflective liquid. This causes the surface of the telescope to become curved.

  • This is ideal for focusing light.

  • A thin transparent film over it protects the mercury from the air.

  • It also has a large electronic camera, which records the images.

  • The telescope was designed and built in Belgium by the Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) Corporation and the Center Spatial de Lige.

  • This telescope has taken a clear picture of the NGC 4274 galaxy, 95 thousand light years away.

  • Along with this, it has also easily captured the stars of the Milky Way in the camera.

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