Intel Unveils 'Hala Point': The World's Largest Neuromorphic System for Sustainable AI

Tags: Science and Technology

Intel Corporation, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, unveils 'Hala Point,' the world's largest neuromorphic system.

An Overview of the News

  • Codenamed 'Hala Point,' the system is designed to advance sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives.

Key Features of 'Hala Point':

  • Initial deployment: The system is deployed at Sandia National Laboratories, leveraging Intel's Loihi 2 processor.

  • Aim: 'Hala Point' aims to facilitate research into future brain-inspired AI while addressing current AI's efficiency and sustainability challenges.

  • Evolution: Building upon Intel's first-generation large-scale research system, Pohoiki Springs, 'Hala Point' introduces architectural enhancements.

  • Performance: The system boasts over 10 times more neuron capacity and up to 12 times higher performance compared to its predecessor.

Operational Capabilities:

  • Processing Power: 'Hala Point' supports up to 20 quadrillion operations per second.

  • Efficiency: Remarkably, the system achieves an efficiency exceeding 15 trillion 8-bit operations per second per watt (TOPS/W) when executing conventional deep neural networks.

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