Iraq's 'Pearl of the South' Lake Sawa dry due to water crisis

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Iraq's famous and prominent Lake Sawa has dried up for the first time in its centuries-old history.

  • Locals believe that the lake has dried up due to mismanagement by local investors, neglect of the government and climate change.

  • About Sawa Lake 

  • It is a biodiversity-rich wetland located near the city of Samwa, south of Iraq's capital, Baghdad.

  • Sawa Lake is mentioned in some old Islamic texts.

  • It is said that the lake was created miraculously on the day Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD

  • Thousands of religious tourists come every year to take a dip in the holy waters of this lake.

  • In 2014, Lake Sawa was designated a Ramsar Site, an international designation for significant wetlands, recognized as a rare area in need of conservation.

  • This lake was known as the pearl of the south.

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