Koustav Chatterjee is India’s 78rd Chess grandmaster

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Koustav Chatterjee is India’s 78rd Chess grandmaster

19 year old Koustav Chatterjee of West Bengal became India’s 78th chess Grandmaster, securing the third and final GM norm at the MPL 59th National Senior Chess Championship 2022 being held in New Delhi. He is the 10th Grandmaster from West Bengal.

  • This was the third GM norm for Koustav Chatterjee and he also crossed 2500 Elo rating points.  To become a GM a player has to secure three GM norms and 2500 live Elo rating points. 
  • Viswanathan Anand was the first Indian to become the Chess Grandmaster in 1988.

 Chess rating System 

  •  Chess rating system is used in chess to estimate the strength and skill of a player.
  • In chess, the Elo rating system is used to grade the players by International chess governing body FIDE.
  • The highest rating for a chess player is Grand Master or GM followed by International Masters or IM and then Masters etc.
  • Players are invited to various chess tournaments in the world depending upon their grading.


The International Chess Federation or French acronym FIDE Fédération Internationale des Échecs) is an international organization that was set up on 20 July 1924 in Paris, France.

It is the international body which governs world chess championships. 

President of FIDE:  Arkady Dvorkovich, 

Headquarters of FIDE: Lausanne, Switzerland 

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