National Fire Service Day - 14 to 20 April

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Every year on April 14th, India observes National Fire Service Day, while National Fire Service Week extends from April 14th to April 20th.

An Overview of the News

  • These annual observances aim to honor firefighters who have lost their lives while on duty and to raise awareness about fire safety among the public and students.

  • The commemoration specifically remembers the martyrs of the Bombay Dock explosion that occurred on April 14th, 1944, at the Victoria Dock in Bombay Port, now known as Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  • The theme for National Fire Service Day and Week in 2024 is "Ensure Fire Safety, Contribute towards Nation Building."

  • It's noteworthy that April 14th, 2024, marks the 80th Anniversary of the Bombay Dock explosion.

Background of National Fire Service Day

  • In 1965, the Standing Fire Advisory Council (SFAC) convened its 11th meeting.

  • During this meeting, the SFAC officially designated April 14th of each year as National Fire Service Day.

  • Additionally, they allocated the week following April 14th as "National Fire Service Week."

  • These designations were made to commemorate the tragic 1944 Dock Explosion.

1944 Bombay Dock Explosion:

  • On April 14th, 1944, the ship "SS Fort Stikins" loaded with explosives docked at No. 1 Victoria Dock, Bombay Port.

  • The explosion resulted in the deaths of approximately 231 individuals and injuries to around 476 people.

  • Among the casualties were approximately 66 firefighters.

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