National Technology Day-11 May

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National Technology Day is celebrated every year on 11 May.

An overview of the news

  • On this day, various government organizations, institutes, schools and colleges organize events to honor the scientists of India and their achievements.

  • India is one of the fastest growing developing countries in the world, and much of the credit goes to technological advancements.

  • In the 21st century, scientists and engineers are leading the country on the path of development.

  • India has made significant progress in science and research in the last three decades.

  • India's science and technology has improved the country's position on global forums.

  • For 2023, the theme is 'School to Startups-Igniting Young Minds to innovate.

Background of the day 

  • Under the leadership of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India conducted a series of five nuclear bomb tests at Pokhran in May 1998.

  • After the success of Pokhran-II, the government declared May 11 as National Technology Day in 1998.

  • In doing so, India became the sixth country to join the 'nuclear club'.

  • The test was led by the late APJ Abdul Kalam, an aerospace scientist who became the eleventh President of India.

  • On the same day in 1998, India test-fired its first indigenous aircraft Hansa-3 which took off in Bengaluru.

  • On that day, the surface-to-air missile Trishulwas also successfully test fired.

  • With many technological advancements in a single day, the Government of India announced the celebration of May 11 as National Technology Day.

  • The first nuclear test was conducted in May 1974.

  • The day was first officially celebrated on 11 May 1999.

Significance of the day

  • It reminds people of the scientific achievements of the country.

  • It is a day to honour all those who have contributed to the advancement of science.

  • It honours the hard work and efforts of all those who have contributed to the technological progress of our country.

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