New BIS specifications for TVs manufactured in India

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New BIS specifications for TVs manufactured in India

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), through its technical committee, has published an Indian Standard Specification for televisions with built-in satellite tuners. BIS has published three significant Indian Standards in the area of Electronics. 

The first standard 

  • TVs manufactured as per this Indian standard will be able to receive free-to-air TV and radio channels by connecting a dish antenna with the LNB mounted at a suitable location on the roof top/side wall of the building.

  • This will facilitate dissemination of government initiatives, schemes, Doordarshan's educational content and Indian cultural programs in the country and facilitate them to reach and benefit the population at large in the country.

  • Currently, television (TV) viewers in the country are required to buy set-top boxes to watch various paid and free channels.

  • Viewers are also required to use a set top box for free to air channels (non-encrypted) broadcast by Doordarshan.

  • Now Doordarshan is starting the process of discontinuing analog broadcasting in a phased manner.

  • Doordarshan will continue to broadcast free to air channels using digital satellite transmission.

The second standard

  • The second standard is the Indian standard for USB Type C receptacles, plugs and cables.

  • In this, the existing international standard IEC 62680-1- 3:2022 is being adopted.

  • This standard provides requirements for USB Type-C ports, plugs and cables for use in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, etc.

  • This standard will provide a common charging solution for smartphones and other electronic devices sold in the country.

The third Standard 

  • The third standard is the Indian Standard for Video Surveillance Systems.

  • The Bureau of Indian Standards through its Technical Committee on Alarm and Electronic Security Systems has developed a series of Indian Standards (IS 16910) on video surveillance systems for use in security applications.

  • The IS 16910 series of standards is an adoption of the International Standard IEC 62676 series.

  • Video Surveillance System (VSS) is an essential security component which is used almost everywhere to capture any unwanted activity.

About Bureau of Indian Standards 

  • Bureau of Indian Standards is the national standards body of India under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India.

  • Headquarters- Manak Bhawan, Old Delhi

  • Director General- Pramod Kumar Tiwari

  • Established- 23 December 1986

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