PM Modi launches 'Urea Gold', a sulphur-coated fertiliser for advanced farming

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Prime Minister Modi launched a new type of urea called "Urea Gold" during his visit to Rajasthan.

An Overview of the News

  • Urea Gold is coated with sulphur, which can enhance soil quality and reduce farmers' expenditure.

  • Urea Gold, also known as Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU), is a new variety of urea that requires less field application and improves crop quality.

  • The launch aims to address soil fertility issues and lower input costs for farmers, making Urea Gold a more economic and qualitatively better option than the existing neem-coated urea.

  • Sulphur coated urea releases nitrogen slowly, and adding humic acid extends its shelf life as a fertiliser.

  • According to a report, using 15 kg of Urea Gold provides benefits equivalent to 20 kg of conventional urea, making it a more efficient and cost-effective option for farmers.

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