PM Modi unveils development projects in Chhattisgarh

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a series of development projects in Jagdalpur, the administrative center of the tribal Bastar division of Chhattisgarh.

An Overview of the News 

These projects with a total estimated cost of more than Rs 26 thousand crore include:

  • Inauguration of NMDC's Greenfield Steel Plant built at a cost of approximately Rs 24 thousand crore in Nagarnar, Bastar. This integrated steel plant is expected to produce high-quality steel, create employment opportunities for thousands of people and increase the prominence of the region in the global steel industry.

  • Laying of foundation stone for the upgrade work of Jagdalpur Railway Station.

  • Inauguration of the new rail line between Antagarh and Taroki, as well as the inauguration of the double rail line project between Jagdalpur and Dantewada.

  • Flagged off-train service between Taroki and Raipur, which aims to improve rail connectivity and boost economic development in the tribal region.

  • Inauguration of the new road constructed between Kunkuri and Chhattisgarh-Jharkhand border on National Highway-45.

  • These initiatives are expected to enhance connectivity, stimulate economic growth and provide significant opportunities for the local population in the Bastar region.

About Bastar:

  • Bastar is a district of Chhattisgarh, known for its lush green forests and rich tribal culture.

  • The region has a predominantly tribal population, including groups such as Gond, Maria, Muria, Bhatra, Halba and Dhruva.

  • The Indravati river flowing through this region holds cultural importance.

  • Jagdalpur serves as a cultural and handicrafts center, with notable attractions such as the Anthropology Museum and the Dancing Cactus Art Centre.

  • Bastar is a popular tourist destination with historical sites like Bastar Palace, and Bastar Dussehra, waterfalls like Chitrakote and Tirathgarh, and Danteshwari Temple.

Greenfield Project:

  • A greenfield project is a venture that lacks any restrictions imposed by previous work.

  • This can be compared to constructing a building on a piece of land that has not had prior development, where there is no need to demolish or renovate existing structures.

  • Greenfield investing involves investing in a physical company-related structure, such as an office or manufacturing facility, in an area where no previous facilities exist. The term is derived from the concept of building a facility on a piece of untouched land such as a forest or farmland.

  • Greenfield projects involve the construction of entirely new power plants, airports and factories that are built from the ground up on undeveloped land.

  • In contrast, projects that involve upgrading or modifying existing facilities are called brownfield projects. This difference arises from the fact that already existing sites or facilities may be contaminated or polluted.

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