Rajasthan's entry into the field of uranium mining

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Rajasthan has entered the field of uranium mining with the issuance of Letter of Intent (LOI) for uranium exploration in the state on June 26, 2022.

  • This LOI has been issued for mining lease to Uranium Corporation of India for mining of Uranium Ore at Rohil in Khandela Tehsil near Sikar.

  • Huge deposits of uranium have been found in an area of 1086.46 hectares in Rohil of Khandela tehsil of Sikar district. According to preliminary estimates, about 12 million tonnes of uranium reserves are possible in this area.

  • Uranium is currently being mined in the country at Jaduguda in Singhbhum in Jharkhand and in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Most of the uranium produced globally is in Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. Apart from this, uranium minerals have also been found in Russia, Namibia, Uzbekistan, USA and Ukraine.

  • Uranium is mainly used to generate electricity. However, apart from nuclear power, uranium is also used in medicine, defence equipment, photography, among others.

  • About Uranium -

  • Uranium is the third element of the actinide series, an intermediate series of the periodic table.

  • The element uranium was discovered in 1789 by Klaproth from an ore called pitchblende.

  • In 1896, Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity in uranium.

  • Uranium is a shiny white metal. Its symbol is U, atomic number 92, atomic weight 238.03.

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