Review of site work progress of Maritime Heritage Complex at Lothal, Gujarat

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the site work progress of the National Maritime Heritage Complex at Lothal in Gujarat on 18 October via video conferencing.

About National Maritime Heritage Complex

  • It is being developed in Lothal (Indus Valley civilisation) region of Gujarat.

  • The project not only showcases India's rich and diverse maritime heritage but also helps Lothal to emerge as a world class international tourist destination.

  • The foundation stone of the project was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the master plan was agreed in March 2019.

  • Work on this project started in March 2022, it is being developed at a cost of about Rs 3500 crore.

  • This heritage theme park will cover an area of 400 acres with structures like the National Maritime Heritage Museum, Lighthouse Museum, Maritime Institute, and eco-resorts.

  • It is one of the major projects under the Sagarmala scheme of the Ministry of Culture (MoC) and Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MoPSW).

About Lothal

  • Lothal was one of the southernmost sites of the ancient Indus Valley civilization, located in the Bhil region of the state of Gujarat.

  • Construction of the city Lothal is believed to have begun around 2200 BCE.

  • Lothal was discovered in 1954 by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

  • Lothal is known for the discovery of the oldest man-made dockyard.

  • It was an important and thriving trade centre in ancient times, with its trade in pearls, gems and precious jewellery reaching the far corners of West Asia and Africa.

About Indus Valley Civilization

  • It is also known as the Harappan civilization which developed in the western part of South Asia, contemporary Pakistan and western India around 2,500 BC.

  • It was basically an urban civilization and people lived in well-planned and well-built towns, which were also centres of trade.

  • It had wide roads and a well-developed drainage system and houses were built of burnt bricks and had two or more storeys.

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