Russia and Ukraine agree to further extend the Black Sea grain deal by four months

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Russia and Ukraine agree to further extend

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to extend the Black sea grain deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkiye by another 120 days. The agreement which was originally signed on 22 July 2022 was set to expire on 19 November 2022. The deal allows grain exports from the designated Ukrainian Black Sea port through a safe corridor in the Black Sea.

The agreement was reached between Russia, Ukraine, Turkiye and the United Nations at Istanbul, Turkiye

The deal faced its first major crisis when Russia announced that it was suspending the agreement on 29 October 2022 after Ukraine attacked the Russian Black Sea Fleet near Sevastopol. However later Russia agreed to continue the deal.

The deal will continue with the existing provisions. Ships will carry grain from three Ukrainian ports of Chornomorsk, Odesa and Yuzhny .They will travel through the humanitarian corridor set up in the Black Sea and stop in Istanbul for inspection before continuing to the final destination.

The grain deal is vital for many African countries as they face crop failure due to weather extremes and internal conflicts. The nations that will benefit from the deal include Egypt , Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan Senegal, Rwanda, Congo, Libya, Tanzania and Namibia.

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