Singapore to host the first International Olympic Committee Esports Week in 2023

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Esports Week in 2023

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that its inaugural Olympic Esports Week will take place in Singapore between 22 and 25 June 2023. 

Esports (Electronic sports) is a competitive sport where Esports athletes use their physical and mental abilities to compete in certain genres of video games in a virtual, electronic environment.

The Olympic Esports Week will be organized by the IOC In partnership with the Singapore government and the Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC).

The Olympic Esports Week will showcase the best of virtual sports in hybrid physical and simulated sports.

Forthcoming Olympics Games 

Summer Olympics 

Paris, France in 2024

Los Angeles, United States of America in 2028

Brisbane, Australia in 2032 

Winter Olympics 

Milano and Cortina cities of Italy will jointly host in 2026

Youth Olympics 

Gangwon ,South Korea in 2024

Dakar, Senegal 2026

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

It was founded in 1894 at the first Olympic Congress held at Paris, France. The credit for the foundation of the IOC is given to Pierre de Coubertin of France.

It organises the summer, winter and youth Olympics games.

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland 

President: Thomas Bach

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