Smart Policing Index 2021:


Why in the news?

Recently, Indian Police Foundation (IPF) conducted a survey on citizens' perception.Andhra Pradesh Police has topped the ‘IPF Smart Policing’ Index 2021, among 29 states and Union Territories.

Key points:

  • Delhi Police has been ranked at seventh spot, among Indian states and union territories (UT).
  • Police in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh scored the lowest among all States when it came to perception of “sensitivity”.
  •  Andhra Pradesh has secured the first rank with an overall score of 8.11 out of 10. 
  • Telangana Police is in the second position with 8.10 points while Assam Police has secured the third position with an overall rating of 7.89. With a score of 5.81.
  • Uttar Pradesh is ranked at 28th position and Bihar has occupied the last position with 5.74 points.
  • The experts from various Institutions of repute, including IIT-Kanpur and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai were involved in this survey.

What is this survey all about?

  • IPF is a multi-disciplinary think tank, working for police reform and improvement of policing through capacity building, research, and policy advocacy.
  • The survey was conducted by IPF to assess citizens’ perceptions and gauge impact of the smart policing initiative by Prime Minister Modi, which was announced in 2014 at a conference in Guwahati.
  • The IPF was inaugurated at New Delhi, by Shri Rajnath Singh on October 21, 2015.
  • The purpose of the IPF survey was to gather information on citizens’ perceptions of the impact of the SMART policing initiative and to gauge public perceptions of the quality of policing in India and the level of public trust in the police. 
  • The motive of the IPF Smart Policing Index is to determine public opinion on the quality of policing in India as well as public faith in the police.
  • The SMART scores are set on a scale of 1 to10 and are indicative of the levels of citizen satisfaction, a score of 10 being the highest level of satisfaction.

The survey had 10 sets of questionnaires, which included:

  • Six indices of “Competence-Based Indicators” dealing with issues such as police sensitivity, accessibility, responsiveness and technology adoption among others, “Value-Based indicators” dealing with integrity of the police; and “Trust”.

The Police Foundation and Institute functions at two levels, namely 

(1) Indian Police Foundation

  • The Indian Police Foundation is a multi-disciplinary think tank that brings together the police and the citizen stakeholders, to collectively work for building a professionally efficient and socially sensitive police force.

(2) Indian Police Institute

The Indian Police Institute is a professional institution for  scientific research and evidence-based policing and a resource centre for capacity building and leadership development to promote a culture of excellence within the rank and file. 


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