Tamil Nadu's Namkatti, Kanyakumari matty banana and Chedibutta saree get GI tag

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Tamil Nadu's Jaderi 'Namakatti,' Kanyakumari matty banana, and Chedibutta saree received Geographical Indication (GI) tag from the Geographical Indication Registry in Chennai.

An Overview of the News

  • Tamil Nadu leads the GI chart with 58 products, followed by Uttar Pradesh with more than 50 products and Karnataka with 48 products in third place.

  • Other products from different regions of India that have been given the GI tag include leather shoes from Agra, Nathdwara Pichhwai paintings from Rajasthan, Mushkabudji rice from Kashmir, Rajouri chicory wood craft from Jammu and Kashmir, Agasechi weyingim (Agasam brinjal) from Goa, and Sat Chiro Bheno (Sat Shirancho Bhendo) also known as Okra of Goa.

Jaderi Namkatti

  • It is a type of clay made of high silicate minerals, which is used to apply 'namam', the 'U' shaped tilak worn on the forehead of idols, men and temple elephants during worship of Lord Vishnu.

Kanyakumari Matty Banana (Musa sapidisiaca)

  • It is mainly grown in Agathiswaram, Thovalai and Tiruvattar taluks of Kanyakumari district, which receives a high annual rainfall of about 1,469 mm.

  • The top of the tangled banana fruit resembles the mouth of a crocodile, and there are different varieties such as Semmati (Red Matti), Than Matti (Honey Matti), and Malai Matti (Hill Matti).

Chedibutta Saree

  • This is a handloom saree made from art silk and cotton blend fabric, featuring chedibutta design.

  • The name 'Chedibutta' is derived from two Tamil words - 'chedi' (plant) and 'butta' (repeated motif or design). It is woven using black silk thread and bright coloured cotton thread is used to create the Chedibutta design.

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