Thailand constitutional court suspends PM Prayuth Chan-ocha

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The constitution court of Thailand on 25 August temporarily suspended prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha over allegations that he has continued in the post after the expiry of his term.


  • The court ruled that the PM would remain suspended until the allegations were investigated.
  • According to the Constitution of Thailand, the prime minister cannot hold office for more than eight years.

  • Prayuth Chan-ocha became prime minister after a coup in 2014, and eight years have passed since then.

  • As military leader, Prayuth seized power after a coup in May 2014 and, in August 2014, appointed himself prime minister of the new military government.

  • Hence the opposition argues that his term as prime minister began in August 2014 and ended this week.

  • The court considered the petition and supporting documents and gave this decision on the basis of factual doubts.

  • The court, with a majority of four out of five judges, with effect from 24 August 2022, said that Prayuth be suspended as prime minister until the court issues a final decision.

  • Deputy Prime Minister Pravit Wongsuwan will currently be the interim head of government.


About Thailand :

  • Capital - Bangkok 

  • Official Language - Thai

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