Ugadi Festival 2023

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In the year 2023 Ugadi festival is going to be celebrated by the citizens on 22 March.

About Ugadi festival

  • Widely celebrated in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the new year festival Ugadi, also known as Yugadi, is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

  • The day falls on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, and usually occurs in March or April.

  • Ugadi begins with the first day of the nine-day festival Chaitra Navratri, and also marks the beginning of spring.

  • It is believed that on this day Lord Brahmacreated the universe.

  • The name 'Yugadi' itself is derived from the Sanskrit words yuga (age) and adi (beginning) - 'the beginning of a new age'.

  • In the 12th century, the Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya recognized Ugadi as the beginning of the new year.

  • People from all walks of life celebrate this day by wearing new clothes and eating delicious food.

  • They offer prayers at temples to welcome the new year, and they decorate their homes with rangolis, which are designs made of colored rice or flower petals on the floor.

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