Uttarakhand launches India's first polythene waste bank for sustainable waste management

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On September 25, 2023, Dehradun Cantt Board in Uttarakhand launched the first three polythene waste banks in the country.

An Overview of the News

  • These polythene waste banks are strategically placed, two of which are in Garhi and one in Premnagar.

  • The inauguration of Garhi Kuda Bank was presided over by State Urban Development Minister Premchand Aggarwal.

  • The primary objective of these garbage banks is twofold: waste management and income generation.

  • Various polythene waste items including bags, chips wrappers, packing bags, plastic cutters and bread wrappers will be collected.

  • Contributors will be compensated at the rate of Rs 3 per kg for the polythene waste brought by them.

  • The collected polythene waste will be processed to make decorative items like tiles, boards and utensils.

Expansion Plans and Environmental Impact:

  • Additional polythene waste banks are planned to be operational soon, including at places like Bindal Chowki, Dairy Farm in Garhi, and Special Wing in Premnagar.

  • This initiative has set a target to purchase a minimum of 70 tonnes and a maximum of 100 tonnes of polythene waste every month.

  • This initiative addresses the issue of low-value plastics such as polythene bags and chip wrappers, for which there is often a lack of buyers and markets.

  • Polyethylene waste banks aim to provide a solution for responsible disposal of such waste, which can potentially have a positive impact on waste management and the environment.

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