Vishu being celebrated in Middle East

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Vishu being celebrated in Middle East

In Dubai, Vishu, the traditional New Year festival of Keralites, is being celebrated with tradition and modernity this year.

An overview of the news

  • The World Malayali Council has marked the celebration of Vishu this year with special emphasis on environmental consciousness.

  • The Malayali community traditionally celebrates Vishu by exchanging token money, known as 'Vishu Kaneetam'.

  • This year, in lieu of the customary monetary offering, the council introduced 'Vishu Thenitam', which translates as 'Vishu Sapling Gift'.

  • The office-bearers of the Council started this eco-friendly festival by gifting a sapling to Dr. Aman Puri, Consulate General of India.

  • This new approach to Vishu festival not only promotes the value of nature and sustainability but also reflects the growing awareness of the need for environmental protection.

About Vishu Festival

  • Vishu, the traditional New Year festival of the Indian state of Kerala, is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the region.

  • This festival is celebrated in the month of April which marks the beginning of a new year according to the Malayalam calendar.

  • The day is considered auspicious and is celebrated with various rituals and customs, including the setting up of a special arrangement called Vishukani, consisting of things such as rice, fruits, flowers and coins, which bring prosperity and abundance. There are symbols.

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