World Computer Literacy Day

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World Computer Literacy Day

Every year on December 2, 'World Computer Literacy Day' is celebrated across the world to raise awareness about computer literacy and promote digital literacy.

Important facts

  • With the invention of computers, tasks have become much easier and more convenient for mankind.

  • It is extremely important for humans to get to know the technological developments happening across the world.

  • Hence, it is known as World Computer Literacy Day dedicated to highlighting the importance of attaining literacy in computers.

  • The day aims to promote technological help by uplifting women and children to get skilled in understanding computer language.

Background of the day

  • The day started to help women and children learn computers.

  • The day was first celebrated by NIIT on 2 December 2001.

  • The concept of celebrating this day was first started by the leading Indian computer company NIIT. This year the 22nd anniversary of the day is being celebrated.

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