World Poetry Day: 21 March

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World Poetry Day is observed across the world on 21 March each year to honour the expression of language through poetry, which unites people through shared humanity and values.

The theme for World Poetry Day 2023 is "Always be a poet, even in prose."

An Overview of the News

  • The day promotes reading, writing, and teaching poetry, as well as other forms of expression like music, dance, and painting.

  • Poetry is such a medium of expression that evokes feelings and emotions more than any other genre of literature.

  • National and international poetry movements receive recognition and energy through World Poetry Day.

  • It was traditionally celebrated in October, but now it is celebrated every year on March 21.

  • The day aims to promote linguistic diversity through poetic expression and expand the possibility of endangered languages being heard.

  • The day remembers writers past and present, and oral poetry recitation customs are reintroduced.

  • In 2021, theUNESCO Offices in Paris celebrated the 100th birthday of Macedonian poet Blaye Konski and announced the Struga Poetry Evening's Golden Wreath Prize for 2021.

  • UNESCO established World Poetry Day in 1999 to promote poetry appreciation globally, protect endangered languages, and encourage poetic expression.

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