World Rivers Day

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World Rivers Day is celebrated every year on 25 September (last Sunday of September) all over the world. 

Important facts

  • The purpose of this day is to reduce the increasing water pollution in the rivers because rivers are an integral part of our life, on which animals, trees and plants depend. 

  • According to World River Day, "It is a celebration of the world's waterways."

  • The theme of 2022 - ‘The importance of Rivers to Biodiversity’.

  • This year's theme is the need for rivers to sustain any civilization.

  • The day highlights the importance of rivers and seeks to raise public awareness and encourage better monitoring of rivers around the world.

Background of the Day

  • In 2005, the United Nations declared Water for Life Decade (World River Day) by all countries to take care of water resources or to make people aware of water.  

  • Since then International River Day is celebrated every year on 25 September.

  • Mark Angelo, an internationally renowned river activist, started the Thompson River clean-up program in British Columbia in September 1980.

  • Following the success of this event, Angelo proposed to celebrate World River Day.

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