World Sanskrit Day - 31 August

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World Sanskrit Day is celebrated annually on 31 August, an occasion dedicated to celebrating the importance of Sanskrit.

An Overview of the News

  • The day serves as an opportunity to spread awareness about the language that was used by scholars and saints in ancient India to compose revered texts, especially those related to religious teachings and philosophy.

Alternate name - Vishva-Sanskrit-dinam:

  • Also known as Vishva-Sanskrit-Dinam, this day is an annual event focusing on the ancient Indian language Sanskrit.

  • It consists of lectures about the language and aims to promote its revival and preservation.

History of World Sanskrit Day

  • It started in 1969 when the Government of India started its establishment.

  • This day honors the contribution of Panini to Sanskrit language and linguistics.

  • It coincides with the birth anniversary of Panini, which emphasizes the purpose of the celebration.

  • The event has gained global recognition, bringing together Sanskrit scholars and enthusiasts from around the world.

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