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By admin: June 22, 2023

1. India-United States Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS X) launched in Washington DC

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India-United-States-Defence-Acceleration-Ecosystem-(INDUS-X)The U.S. Department of Defense and the Indian Ministry of Defense launched the India-U S Defense Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X) on 21st June at an event hosted by the U S-India Business Council.

An overview of the news

  • The launch of INDUS-X is a major milestone in promoting US-India defense cooperation, innovation, and job creation.

  • The initiative seeks to enhance defense capabilities and contribute to global peace, security and prosperity while reaffirming commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

Significance of INDUS-X

  • INDUS-X aims to revitalize defense industrial cooperation between the United States and India, promoting the development of new technologies and fostering collaboration in manufacturing. 

  • It represents a strategic effort to strengthen bilateral ties and unlock the potential for advancements in the defense sector.

Job Creation and Economic Growth

  • INDUS-X holds the potential to create job opportunities for working families in both countries. 

  • By fostering collaboration between U S and Indian start-ups, the initiative aims to generate employment and drive economic growth, contributing to global peace, security, and prosperity.

Collaboration Agenda

  • This agenda outlines various initiatives that INDUS-X stakeholders intend to pursue, complementing existing government-to-government collaboration. 

  • These initiatives include the formation of a Senior Advisory Group for Start-ups.

Indo-Pacific Defence Capabilities

  • U S and Indian officials have affirmed that INDUS-X will act as a catalyst for innovation and contribute to equipping their armed forces with the necessary capabilities to ensure the defense of a free and open Indo-Pacific region. 

  • This emphasizes the shared commitment to regional security and stability.

By admin: June 21, 2023

2. Oman Creates History as First Foreign Government to Promote Country through Yoga

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First-Foreign-Government-to-Promote-Country-through-YogaThe Indian Embassy in Oman has introduced a unique video titled 'Soulful Yoga, Serene Oman' on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga 2023. 

An overview of the news

  • This initiative is considered pioneering and showcases the beauty of Oman while featuring yoga enthusiasts from different countries.

  • The video stands out as it is a collaborative effort between the Indian Embassy and 'Visit Oman,' a subsidiary of Oman's Ministry of Tourism. 

  • This partnership marks the first instance of a foreign government using yoga to promote its own country, highlighting the significance of this collaboration.

  • The video not only demonstrates the increasing popularity of yoga worldwide but also highlights its growing prominence in Oman. 

  • With a significant Indian community of 700,000 in Oman, yoga has gained considerable traction in recent years.

Promoting Yoga through Initiatives

  • The Indian Embassy has been actively involved in promoting yoga in Oman through various initiatives. 

  • In 2022, they organized the 'Muscat Yog Mahotsav,' a 75-day celebration featuring over 75 yoga events across major cities in Oman. 

  • This initiative was timed with the 75 years of India's independence celebrations.

Oman Yoga Yatra 

  • This year, the Embassy launched the 'Oman Yoga Yatra,' a five-month-long journey leading up to a large-scale celebration of the International Day of Yoga 2023. 

  • The event, scheduled for June 21, 2023, is expected to attract more than 2,000 participants from diverse backgrounds.

About Oman

  • Sultan - Haitham bin Tariq Al Said

  • Capital - Muscat

  • Official Language - Arabic

  • Official Religion - Islam

  • Currency - Omani rial

By admin: June 20, 2023

3. India gifts missile corvette INS Kirpan to Vietnam

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India-gifts-missile-corvette-INS-Kirpan-to-VietnamDefense Minister Rajnath Singh on 19 June announced the gift of an indigenous in-service missile corvette, INS Kirpan, to the Vietnam People's Navy.

An overview of the news

  • The announcement is expected to significantly enhance the capabilities of the Vietnamese Navy.

  • The announcement was made during talks between Defense Minister Singh and Defense Minister of Vietnam General Phan Van Gang in Delhi.

  • During the meeting, bilateral defense cooperation initiatives between India and Vietnam were reviewed and both sides expressed satisfaction at the progress of the ongoing engagements.

  • The Ministers identified opportunities to further enhance cooperation, particularly in areas such as defense industry cooperation, maritime security and multinational cooperation.

  • Apart from the talks, the Defense Minister of Vietnam also visited the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) headquarters to explore ways to enhance defense industrial capabilities through research and joint production.

  • The strengthening of defense ties between India and Vietnam underscores the strategic partnership between the two countries and their shared commitment to regional security and cooperation.

About INS Kirpan

  • INS Kirpan is a missile corvette belonging to the Khukri class with a displacement of about 1,350 tonnes.

  • It was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 12 January 1991.

  • The length of the corvette is 91 meters and the beam is 11 metres.

  • It is capable of attaining speeds of over 25 knots.

  • Equipped with a variety of weapons including medium-range cannon, 30 mm close-range gun, chaff launcher and surface-to-surface missiles, INS Kirpan has the versatility to play multiple roles.

  • The roles performed by INS Kirpan include coastal and offshore patrolling, coastal security, surface warfare, anti-piracy operations and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations.

By admin: June 20, 2023

4. India, Sri Lanka to accelerate implementation of digital education project in Galle District

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Sri-Lanka-to-accelerate-implementation-of-digital-educationIndia and Sri Lanka have expressed their commitment to fast-tracking the implementation of a digital education project in the Galle District, Sri Lanka.

An overview of the news

  • The High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka, Gopal Baglay, and the Secretary of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education, M N Ranasinghe, exchanged diplomatic notes to accelerate the establishment of modern computer labs and smart boards in 200 schools. 

  • These facilities will be equipped with customized curriculum software.

  • The project is aimed at promoting digital literacy among students in underprivileged areas of the Galle District. 

  • It is supported by a grant from the Government of India.

  • This digital education initiative is part of a broader set of grant projects in the education sector undertaken by the Indian government in Sri Lanka, highlighting their commitment to enhancing educational opportunities in the country.

India's development assistance to Sri Lanka 

  • India's development assistance to Sri Lanka encompasses a total amount of approximately USD 5 billion, with nearly USD 600 million provided as grants.

  • Across Sri Lanka's 25 districts, more than 65 grant projects have already been implemented, demonstrating the substantial support from India in various sectors.

  • The digital education project in the Galle District is among more than 20 ongoing projects that are at different stages of implementation, further illustrating the sustained collaboration between India and Sri Lanka in driving socio-economic development in the region.

About sri lanka

  • The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is a tropical island nation located off the southeast coast of the Indian subcontinent.

  • Sri Lanka is separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Munnar and the Palk Strait.

  • Capital: Colombo (Executive and Judicial) and Sri Jayawardenepura (Legislative).

  • Official languages: Sinhala and Tamil

  • President – Ranil Wickremesinghe

  • Prime Minister – Dinesh Gunawardena

  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

By admin: June 9, 2023

5. India & Serbia agree to set bilateral trade of 1 Billion Euros

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India-&-Serbia-agree-to-set-bilateral-trade-of-1-Billion-EurosPresident Droupadi Murmu and her Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic on 8 June in Belgrade agreed to set a target for bilateral trade from the present 320 million euros to one billion euros by the end of the decade.

An overview of the news

  • President Draupadi Murmu is on a three-day state visit to Serbia from June 7 to 9.

  • During the visit, President Draupadi Murmu highlighted that the relations between the two sides have a shared understanding of each other's core interests.

  • In a joint press statement, President Murmu highlighted the positive outcomes of the delegation-level talks and the resolve of the two countries to work on diverse areas of potential cooperation.

Official talks

  • President Murmu's official engagements in Serbia included a guard of honor at the Serbia Palace, restricted-level talks, delegation-level talks, a joint media address, and a business event. 

  • These engagements aimed to foster closer ties and explore opportunities for collaboration between the two nations.

  • During the bilateral interactions, both leaders emphasized their commitment to the rule of law, respect for sovereignty, and territorial integrity of nations.

Fraternal Relations

  • President Vucic described Serbia's relationship with India as a fraternity, emphasizing the strong bond between the two countries. 

  • He expressed that India should consider Serbia as a second motherland, underscoring the warmth and depth of their bilateral ties.

Areas of Cooperation

  • President Vucic identified six major areas of cooperation between India and Serbia, including defense and military technology cooperation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial cooperation, information technology, and cultural cooperation, including film production. 

  • These areas present potential avenues for collaboration and mutual benefits.

About Serbia

  • Serbia is a landlocked country in the west-central Balkans. For most of the 20th century, it was a part of Yugoslavia.

  • Prime Minister: Ana Brnabic

  • Capital: Belgrade

  • President: Aleksandar Vučić

  • Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)

By admin: June 6, 2023

6. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh holds talks with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin

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Defence-Minister-Rajnath-SinghDefence Minister Rajnath Singh, held discussions with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin in New Delhi on 5th June. 

An overview of the news

  • The meeting focused on strengthening defence cooperation in various areas, including aligning strategic interests and enhancing security cooperation.

  • During the talks, Minister Singh emphasized the significance of the India-US partnership in ensuring a free, open, and rules-based Indo-Pacific region. 

  • He expressed India's commitment to closely collaborate with the United States across different domains, aiming for capacity building and further strengthening strategic partnership.

  • Both ministers explored opportunities to build resilient supply chains and identified areas for co-development of new technologies and co-production of existing and new systems.

  • Facilitation to enhance cooperation between the defense start-up ecosystems of the two countries was also discussed.

  • A roadmap for US-India defense industrial cooperation was agreed upon, which will shape their cooperation in the years to come.

  • They welcomed the recent dialogues focused on Defense Artificial Intelligence and Defense Space.

  • Regional security issues were also discussed, reflecting their shared interest in promoting peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • The meeting was attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Defense including Chief of Defense Staff General Anil Chauhan, Defense Secretary Giridhar Armane and DRDO Secretary and Chairman Dr Sameer V Kamat.

India America relations

Historical Background

  • The establishment of diplomatic relations between India and the United States dates back to 1947.

  • Both countries share common values of democracy, pluralism and rule of law.

Strategic Partnership

  • India and the United States have developed a strong strategic partnership based on shared interests and values.

  • The partnership has seen significant growth in various areas including defence, trade and technology.

Defense and Security Cooperation

  • Defense cooperation between India and the US has expanded significantly in recent years.

  • Both countries engage in joint military exercises, defense equipment cooperation and intelligence sharing.

  • Defense ties have been strengthened by the signing of the US-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI).

Economic and trade relations

  • Economic relations between India and America have grown steadily.

  • The US is one of India's largest trading partners and bilateral trade has grown over the years.

  • Both the countries have signed various agreements to enhance economic cooperation and promote investments.

Technology and Innovation

  • India and the US cooperate in the fields of science, technology and innovation.

  • Cooperation has been promoted in areas such as space exploration, clean energy and information technology.

  • The US has supported India's initiatives like Digital India and Skill India.

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7. 1st India-Namibia Joint Commission of Cooperation

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External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar recently co-chaired the first India-Namibia Joint Commission with Namibian Foreign Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah in Windhoek.

An overview of the news

  • In his opening remarks, Dr. Jaishankar highlighted the special place Namibia holds in the hearts of Indians.

  • He emphasized that India supports Namibian independence and expressed happiness at Namibia's rightful place in the international community.

  • Dr. Jaishankar underlined the strong bond between India and Namibia, which is characterized by developmental cooperation, capacity building programs and political solidarity.

  • The Joint Commission will assess the progress of India-Namibia relations. In addition, high-level visits and ongoing interactions will strengthen the India-Namibia partnership in the future.

  • During his visit, the External Affairs Minister inaugurated the India-Namibia Center of Excellence in Information Technology in Windhoek. The center will contribute to research, cyber security and good governance.

About Namibia

  • Namibia is a country located in southwestern Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

  • It shares borders with Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.

  • The country's diverse geography includes the Namib Desert along the Atlantic coast, the Kalahari Desert to the east, and the central plateau.

  • Namibia gained independence from South Africa on March 21, 1990, becoming the last African country to gain independence from colonial rule.

  • Windhoek is the capital and largest city of Namibia.

  • Namibia is known for its stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife.

  • Etosha National Park, located in the north of the country, is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts, offering the chance to see elephants, lions, giraffes, rhinos and various bird species.

By admin: June 6, 2023

8. Sarbananda Sonowal flags off maiden International Cruise Vessel, MV Empress in Chennai

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Sarbananda-Sonowal-flags-off-maiden-InternationalUnion Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal flagged off India's first international cruise vessel - MV Empress, from Chennai to Sri Lanka on June 5.

An overview of the news

  • This is the launch of the International Cruise Tourism Terminal at Chennai built at a cost of Rs 17.21 crore, ushering in a new era of cruise tourism and maritime trade in the country.

  • On the occasion of Environment Day, Sonowal along with the port officials also planted 2,500 saplings at the port.

  • The launch of the first cruise service between Chennai and Sri Lanka has opened a new chapter in the cruise tourism sector in the country.

  • This is the result of an MoU signed during the Incredible India International Cruise Summit in 2022 between Chennai Port and M/s Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd to start domestic and international cruise services.

International Cruise Vessel, MV Empress

  • It is a renowned and luxurious cruise ship that operates globally.

  • It offers passengers a unique and unforgettable experience on the open seas, combining comfort, entertainment, and leisure.

  • The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and safety features, ensuring a secure and smooth journey for all on board.

  • Its elegant design and modern amenities make it a preferred choice for travelers seeking a premium cruising experience.

By admin: June 3, 2023

9. Nepal's PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal's visit to India

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Nepal's-PM-Pushpa-Kamal-Dahal's-visit-to-IndiaIn a significant diplomatic development, Prime Minister of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' made a four-day visit to New Delhi on 31 May.

An overview of the news

  • Various projects were launched during the visit which included the Kurtha-Bijalpura section of the railway line.

  • An Indian Railways cargo train was inaugurated from the newly constructed rail link Bathnaha (India) to Nepal Customs Yard under Indian grant.

  • Integrated Checkposts (ICPs) were inaugurated at Nepalgunj (Nepal) and Rupaidiha (India).

  • Celebration of ICP in Bhairahawa (Nepal) and Sonauli (India).

  • Phase-II facilities under Motihari-Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline inaugurated.

  • Apart from this, another new pipeline will be built from Siliguri to Jhapa in eastern Nepal.

Exchange of MoU/Agreement between the two countries

  • Treaty of Transit between India and Nepal.

  • MoU between India and Nepal for cooperation in the field of Petroleum Infrastructure.

  • MoU between India and Nepal for development of infrastructure at Dodhra Chandani Check Post on Indo-Nepal border.

  • MoU between NPCIL and NCHL, Nepal for cross border payments.

  • Project Development Agreement of Lower Arun Hydro Electric Project.

  • MoU for the development of Phukot-Karnali Hydroelectric Project.

About Nepal

  • The kingdom of Nepal was established by the Shah dynasty.

  • It is a landlocked country in South Asia.

  • Prime Minister - Pushpa Kamal Dahal

  • President - Ram Chandra Paudel

  • Capital - Kathmandu

  • Currency - Nepalese Rupee

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10. India, Vietnam hold 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue

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India and Vietnamese officials held the third Maritime Security Dialogue in New Delhi on 31st May.

An overview of the news

  • Both sides discussed ways to better maintain the marine environment which is helpful for theinclusive development of both the countries.

  • Senior officials from ministries and services dealing with maritime affairs participated in the dialogue.

  • The two sides also reviewed initiatives for maritime cooperation and ways to strengthen international and regional mechanisms for comprehensive maritime security.

  • The second India-Vietnam Maritime Security Dialogue was to be held in virtual format in April 2021 after the first round was held in Hanoi in March 2019.

India, Vietnam Relation 

  • Vietnam has become an important partner in India’s Act East policy and the Indo-Pacific vision as both countries have disputes with China.

  • Vietnam is involved in a dispute with China on the South China Sea Island. China  claims nearly all of the disputed South China Sea islands, though Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam all claim parts of it. Beijing has built artificial islands and military installations in the South China Sea.

  • India favours free and open navigation right in the South China Sea which is threatened by China.

  • India has oil exploration projects in the Vietnamese waters in the South China Sea. India and Vietnam are boosting their maritime security cooperation in the last few years to protect common interests.

  • In 2016, during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Vietnam, the bilateral relations were further elevated to a “comprehensive strategic partnership”.

  • India and Vietnam signed an important Joint Vision Statement on defence partnership during the visit of the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Vietnam on 8 June 2022.

  • During the defence minister's visit India provided a $500 million defence loan to Vietnam.

About Vietnam

  • It lies in South East Asia and it is a member of Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN)

  • Prime Minister: Pham Minh Chinh

  • Capital: Hanoi

  • President: Vo Van Thuong

  • Currency: Dong