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By admin: Jan. 29, 2023

1. Presidential election in the Czech Republic

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In the Czech Republic, retired army general Petr Pavel won the presidential election, defeating billionaire businesswoman Andrej Babis.

An overview of the news

  • Retired general Petr Pavel will replace controversial incumbent President Milos Zeman.

  • During the election, General Pavel got 58.2 percent of the votes while Andrzej Babis got 42.8 percent.

  • General Powell has been Chairman of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

  • General Powell has been an outspoken supporter of the European Union and NATO.

  • Pavel has repeatedly expressed his support for providing military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine during the Russia–Ukraine conflict.

About Czech Republic

  • It is a landlocked country in Central Europe.

  • Prime Minister - Petr Fiala

  • Capital - Prague

  • Currency - Czech koruna.

By admin: Jan. 28, 2023

2. UN General Assembly president to visit India from Jan 29-31

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UN General Assembly president to visit India from Jan 29-31

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Saba Korosi will visit India from January 29-31 to discuss multilateral and regional issues.

An overview of the news

  • Korosi, Hungarian diplomat who served as his country's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, is visiting India at the invitation of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

  • He became the President of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2022.

  • Besides holding talks with Jaishankar on key multilateral and regional issues of mutual interest, Korosi will hold talks with senior officials of NITI Aayog and India's G20 Presidency team.

  • On January 30, Korosi will deliver a public speech at the Indian Council of World Affairs on the topic "Solidarity, Sustainability and Solutions through Science at the United Nations".

  • He will also attend the "Beating the Retreat" ceremony on January 29 and pay floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat on January 30 on the occasion of Martyrs' Day.

  • On January 31, Korosi will travel to Bengaluru, which will include an interaction with scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and a field visit to an IISc-led water conservation project.

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

  • It is the United Nation’s chief policy-making and representative organ and was created in 1945.

  • It is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN).

  • It serves as the main deliberative, policy making and representative organ of the United Nations.

  • Its powers, structure, functions and procedures are set out in Chapter IV of the United Nations Charter.

  • Its main functions are to prepare the budget of the United Nations, appoint non-permanent members to the Security Council, appoint the Secretary-General of the United Nations, receive reports from other parts of the United Nations system, and make recommendations through resolutions.

By admin: Jan. 27, 2023

3. India, South Africa sign MoU to introduce 12 African Cheetahs annually over next eight to ten years

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India and South Africa on 27 January signed a Memorandum of Understanding to introduce 12 African Cheetahs annually over the next eight to ten year.

An overview of the news

  • As per the agreement, an initial batch of 12 cheetahs will be brought from South Africa to India during February 2023.

  • These cheetahs will be joined by eight cheetahs brought to India from Namibia during 2022.

  • Increasing the cheetah population is a priority for the Government of India and its conservation will have important and far-reaching consequences, aiming to achieve a number of ecological objectives.

  • After the import of 12 cheetahs in February, there are plans to move 12 cheetahs annually for the next 8 to 10 years.

  • The initiative to reintroduce the cheetah to India comes after a request from the Indian government, after the species had become locally extinct due to over-hunting and habitat loss.

Reintroduction Action Plan 

  • Reintroduction of a species means releasing it in an area where it is capable of surviving.

  • Under the scheme, 50 cheetahs will be released in various national parks of the country over a period of 5 years.

Extinction of cheetahs 

  • The last cheetah of the country was found dead in the year 1947 in Chhattisgarh and in the year 1952 it was declared extinct in the country.

  • Habitat loss, conflict with humans, poaching and high susceptibility to diseases are the major causes of their extinction.

About ‘Project Cheetah’ 

  • This is a one of its kind project in which a species is being brought out of the country (from South Africa / Namibia) and restored to the country.

  • The subspecies of the extinct cheetah in India was the Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) and the subspecies of the cheetah being brought back to the country is the African cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus).

  • Research has shown that the genes of both these subspecies are similar.

By admin: Jan. 27, 2023

4. Senior ISIS leader Bilal al-Sudani killed in US raid in Somalia

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Senior ISIS leader Bilal al-Sudani killed in US raid in Somalia

Bilal al-Sudani, a prominent regional leader of the Islamic State group, was killed on January 25 in a US military raid in Somalia ordered by President Joe Biden.

An overview of the news

  • The US military operation has also killed 10 members of the terrorist group.

  • The US President authorised the strike earlier this week after consulting with top defence, intelligence and security officials.

  • Bilal al-Sudani had been on the radar of US intelligence officials for the past several years.

  • He played a key role in providing financial support to IS operations in Africa as well as ISIS-K, a terrorist organisation operating in Afghanistan.

About Islamic State

  • ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

  • It is an Islamist militant jihadist group that follows Salafi jihadist doctrine based on the Sunni branch of Islam.

  • It was founded in 1999 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and gained global prominence in 2014.

  • It soon took control of large parts of Iraq and Syria, raised its flag and imposed strict Islamic rule.

  • It strictly enforces Sharia or Islamic law.

By admin: Jan. 27, 2023

5. India-Pakistan on brink of nuclear war after Balakot strike: Never give an inch

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Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love'written by former United States Secretary of StateMike Pompeo

The book 'Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love' written by former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been in the limelight, commenting on India and many of its politicians.

An overview of the news:

  • Pompeo mentioned in his book 'Never Give An Inch' that India-Pakistan were on the brink of nuclear war after the Balakot strike in February, 2019.

  • Mike Pompeo said that the then Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had told him that Pakistan was preparing for a nuclear attack after the strike and India was also preparing an aggressive response.

  • Referring to this matter, Pompeo said that after the Balakot strike, his team held talks with India and Pakistan overnight to avoid nuclear confrontation between the two countries. His effort prevented a possible war between the two countries, which could turn into a nuclear war at any time.

  • In his book, Pompeo does not use respectful words for former Indian External Affairs Minister late Sushma Swaraj, while praising National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, and in some cases describing S Jaishankar as his superior.

By admin: Jan. 27, 2023

6. Egypt plans to allot land to Indian industries in Suez Canal Special Economic Zone

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Egypt plans to allot land to Indian industries in Suez Canal Special Economic Zone

Egypt is considering allotting a special zone to Indian industries in the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCEZ) and the Indian side may prepare a master plan for the same.

An overview of the news

  • The proposal is in the context of India's proposal to encourage companies with the potential to make foreign investments to make use of the investment opportunities available in Egypt.

  • Egypt welcomes the flow of more Indian investments and promises to provide incentives and facilities in accordance with applicable regulations and framework.

  • The trade between India and Egypt currently exceeds $3.15 billion.

  • Prime Minister Modi and the President of Egypt agreed to encourage businesses to explore mutually emerging economic and investment opportunities.

  • Egyptian President El-Sisi, who arrived in Delhi on a three-day visit to India, attended the Republic Day celebrations as the chief guest.

About Suez Canal

  • The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway running north to south from the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

  • This canal separates the continent of Africa from Asia.

  • It provides the shortest sea route between Europe and the lands surrounding the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans.

  • The Suez Canal is one of the busiest trade routes in the world. About 12 percent of the world's total trade passes through this canal daily.

By admin: Jan. 26, 2023

7. India-Egypt signed MoU between Prasar Bharati and National Media Authority of Egypt

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India-Egypt signed MoU between Prasar Bharati and National Media Authority of Egypt

India and Egypt on 25 January signed an MoU to facilitate content exchange, capacity building, and Co-Productions between Prasar Bharati and the National Media Authority of Egypt.

An overview of the news

  • Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur and Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry, Government of Egypt signed the MoU.

  • The MoU was exchanged in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in New Delhi.

  • Under this MoU, broadcasters of both the countries will exchange their programs on bilateral basis in different genres of sports, news, culture, entertainment and many other fields and these programs will be broadcast on their radio and television platforms.

  • The validity of this MoU will be for three years.

Arab Republic of Egypt 

  • It is an Arab country which is located on the African continent.

  • President: Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

  • Capital: Cairo

  • Currency: Egyptian pound 

By admin: Jan. 25, 2023

8. China building dam on Yarlung Zangbo river near Indian border

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China building dam on Yarlung Zangbo river near Indian border

Recently it has been revealed through a satellite picture that China is building a new dam on the Yarlung Zangbo (Brahmaputra) river in Tibet near the tri-junction of India, Nepal and Tibet, which remains a matter of concern for India.

An overview of the news:

  • By increasing the construction activities in the areas adjacent to the Indian border, China is installing military equipment and its related equipment there.

  • The Chinese dam follows the announcement of plans to build a large dam downstream of the Yarlung Zangbo in 2021 to generate 70 gigawatts of electricity.

  • This is nearly three times the power produced by China's Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of installed capacity.

Yarlung Zangbo (Brahmaputra) River:

  • The Brahmaputra River is known as the Yarlung Tsangpo in China.

  • Origin Source:- Mansarovar Lake

  • Total length 2,880 km.

  • Tibet:- 1,700 km.

  • Arunachal Pradesh and Assam :- 920 kms.

  • Bangladesh:- 260 km.

By admin: Jan. 25, 2023

9. Working Group (ITWG) on Animal Genetic Resources (AGR) for Food and Agriculture

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India has been elected as the Vice-Chair of the 12th session of the Intergovernmental Technical Working Group (ITWG) on Animal Genetic Resources (AGR) to be held in Rome during January 18-20, 2023.

An overview of the news

  • Dr. BN Tripathi, Deputy Director General (Animal Science) and National Coordinator, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) chaired the session and acted as ambassador.

  • This working group was formed by the FAO's Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA).

  • The task of this group is to review technical issues, advise and submit recommendations to the Commission and implement the Commission's program relating to AGR at the global level.

  • The 12th session of the ITWG reviewed the implementation of the Global Action Plan for Animal Genetic Resources, monitoring ANGR diversity and preparation of the third country report.

  • The Global National Coordinators' Workshop prior to the ITWG session was held in Rome on January 16-17, 2023.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is a specialised agency of the United Nations that studies agricultural production, forestry and research related to agricultural marketing.

  • Establishment - 1945

  • Headquarters – Rome (Italy)

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10. US President Biden nominates Julie Turner as North Korea human rights envoy

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US President Joe Biden has nominated Julie Turner as special envoy for human rights in North Korea on 24 January. 

An overview of the news

  • The move to fill the post, which has been vacant since 2017, comes amid debate over human rights issues as well as efforts to counter Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

  • Julie Turner is currently the director for East Asia and the Pacific in the State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

  • Turner has served in the office for East Asia and the Pacific for more than 16 years, primarily focusing on initiatives related to the promotion of human rights in North Korea.

  • The post of special envoy had become controversial in South Korea as the previous administration tried to bring North Korea to the negotiating table.

  • Some activists said that human rights had been sidelined due to national security priorities.

  • North Korea has repeatedly denied allegations of human rights abuses and blamed the sanctions for the dire humanitarian situation.

  • A landmark 2014 United Nations report on North Korean human rights concluded that North Korean security chief and leader Kim Jong Un should face justice for Nazi-style atrocities.