5000 year old tree from Chile recognized as the oldest tree in the world

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5000-year-old-treeA giant tree in southern Chile, known as the "Great Grandfather" and this tree, a Patagonian cypress, located in the Alerce Costero National Park is the oldest tree in the world.

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  • The trunk of the tree has a diameter of four metres (13 ft) and it is 28 metres tall.

  • It is over 5,000 years old, surpassing the oldest tree currently known as the Methuselah, which is 4,850 years old.

  • It is located in a forest in the southern Los Ríos region, 800 kilometres (500 mi) south of the capital Santiago.

  • This tree belongs to the species Fitzroya cupressoides, which is also known as Patagonian cypress.

  • Fitzroya cupressoides is the largest tree species in South America.

About Chile

  • It is a long, narrow country located on the western edge of South America.

  • Santiago is the capital of Chile and is located in a valley surrounded by the Santiago Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains.

  • The city's central square is called the Plaza de Armas and has palm-lined streets.

  • The Plaza de Armas houses the Neoclassical Cathedral and the National History Museum.

  • There is a huge park in Santiago called Parque Metropolitano.

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